A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant

Welcome to my realm, my world as a Virtual Assistant. Today marks six months since I left the Corporate Finance world to become a Virtual Assistant, and it was the best career choice I have ever made! When I tell people that I am now a VA, they want to know why I changed my career path and why I chose to become a VA. What is a VA, they ask. What kind of work is it? What do you actually do?

A Virtual Assistant is an individual who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. That’s the very basic definition of a VA, but today, I’m going to take you deep into my world and tell you a bit about myself and why I love this career choice. My name is Wajeeha and I’ve got two beautiful babies; my son is 3.5 years old and my daughter is turning 2. I guess you could say I’ve got my hands full!

My day starts with getting my son ready for Montessori School, dropping him off and grabbing Tim Hortons on the way. My in-laws live with us and they take care of my daughter while I work, which is a huge help. I check the daily emails, tasks and schedules, while I have my cup of ambition and joy. Once I’ve gone through the emails and tasks, I take care of the client work for the day. These tasks could vary from business needs to helping a client with personal matters, such as booking a plane ticket or making sure flowers get sent to a special someone. Each task is so different, which means I get to learn new skills or tidbits of information that I may not have had the chance to learn otherwise.

Here are some of the more common tasks I take care of for my clients:

  • Travel Arrangements
    • Booking flights, hotels and finding the best attractions in the area.
  • Online shopping
  • Recruiting, head hunting and initial interviews.
  • Blogging, articles, newsletters
  • Creating PowerPoint Presentations for Webinars
  • Arranging events such as conferences, meetings and parties. I take care of the event from start to finish, assisted the client however I can.
    • Creating and sending invites
    • Creating documents, procedures, etc
    • Registrations, sign up sheets
    • The presentation
    • Social media marketing for the event
  • Social Media
    • Creating and maintaining a social media presence.
    • Creating infographics
    • Advertisements
    • Social media calendars

As a Virtual Assistant, I wear so many hats on a daily basis, which is something I never had an opportunity to do in the corporate world. Before becoming a VA, my day was very mundane and my job related tasks did not engage or challenge me. I wasn’t learning new skills. As a Virtual Assistant, I have had the chance to learn about myself and my capabilities. The possibilities for a VA are endless and the skills I learn aren’t limited to just one industry or aspect of the business world.

I get to work from home, which has it’s perks. I don’t have to worry about the commute to and from work and I can schedule my day around the needs of my children. I am able to drop off and pick them up from school, play groups, sports and other activities. As a mother, this is a huge benefit for me and I believe I have found my calling!

Let’s talk about the team because, after all, we all need help. At Canadian Virtual Gurus, I’ve got a team to back me up and provide support and encouragement. We have a very diverse and exceptionally experienced team of men and women, all of whom bring a multitude of skills and knowledge. We cannot all be experts at everything, and having such a talented group of people to work with means our clients are always taken care of. Our team consists of tech assistants, social media marketers, transcriptionists and more, and we all help each other out. Behind every successful Virtual Assistant is her team, which makes it possible for her to execute every task with the precision and expertise that every client deserves.

We have clients from all over North America, from all areas of industry. Each client is diverse, with their own business needs and goals. I currently work for a traveling CEO, a Reiki Therapist and a mortgage broker. As a Virtual Assistant, it is my job to ensure I am helping them achieve their goals while providing the top notch level of service Canadian Virtual Gurus is known for. I have been very fortunate to work with such amazing clients, and they have each taught me more about myself than I could have ever learned from sitting in a cubicle. Without my team of Gurus behind me to help me complete each task to perfection, I would not be such a successful Virtual Assistant!

Hard work, dedication and patience are the key to a successful career as a Virtual Assistant. It’s a huge responsibility and one that requires a great deal of attention, organization and time management. Being a Virtual Assistant is not easy. My day starts and ends with work, but I am able to be a mother, wife and daughter throughout my day as well. Being a Virtual Assistant helps me balance my work and personal life, which, to me, is priceless!

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