How to Make Your Home Office Space Your Happy Place

As a Virtual Assistant or in any job that allows you to work from home, having a home office space that is your happy place will inspire you to work more productively and efficiently, and …

Harness the Power of a Remote (Dream) Team

It doesn’t matter if you need one virtual assistant or a team of 10; the Virtual Gurus have got you covered. When it comes to hiring a team of virtual assistants to work remotely, it’s …

Working Remotely – How to Get Your Start

Working remotely is something I’ve been interested in since high school. As an avid traveller and someone who grew up in the era of social media influencers, it seemed like the dream life. I was …

The Top 4 Reasons Why Working Remotely is the Way to Go!

Whether it’s a cafe, a co-working space or simply a desk in your house, location independent roles are becoming more and more common among working professionals. Most people think it’s a cool concept but haven’t …

A Guide to Working Remotely while Living in an RV

Travelling full time or living in an RV every day of the week is the dream of many people. Unfortunately, most view it as a retirement lifestyle or of that of the independently wealthy, or …

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