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Celebrating International Women’s Day at Virtual Gurus

At Virtual Gurus, we’re proud to celebrate the fact that 95% of our virtual assistants are female and our C-Suite is led by two powerful females. In recognition of International Women’s Day earlier this week, we’d like to introduce you to a few other inspirational team members who work behind the scenes.

Virtual Gurus vs. askBetty: Two Powerful Tools to Achieve More with Less Effort

Virtual Gurus and askBetty powered by Virtual Gurus are two powerful tools that will help you to achieve more for your business, with less effort. Outsource projects and tasks you don’t have time for to …

COVID19: A Message from Our Founder

To our customers and the local business community: We don’t have to tell you how busy, stressful, and unexpected the past few days have been. Like many of you, the Virtual Gurus team has been …

10 Podcasts to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Fire

Looking for podcasts to boost creativity, kick-start motivation for a new project, increase productivity, and to ignite your entrepreneurial fire? We’ve picked out 10 of our team’s favourite podcasts that cover everything to ignite your …