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Why becoming a VA is more than a stopgap

VA is more than a stopgap, with Virtual Gurus

Karen Wilson

November 15, 2021

What if you were told you could make a career out of being a Virtual Assistant? Would you believe it?  What exactly does a virtual assistant do, and how can a career come out of that?

A better question might be what does a virtual assistant not do? What if you could design your career into what you love doing instead of settling for what’s available?

Here are just a few things that are in high demand, and could just be your dream niche. 

Real Estate

Interested in  Real Estate? You don’t need to be in an office physically to be a Real Estate virtual assistant. In fact, our Virtual Gurus Academy offers a real estate course taught by a proven mentor that you could take on a weekend and be set to seek a job on Monday.

Graphic Design

Do you have a creative eye for visuals? We see a huge demand for graphics for websites, online courses, book covers, social media and other materials. There are many small businesses desperately trying to put content together who don’t have the time or skill to make it polished and professional. That’s where you can help. Learning graphic design could set you up for a career as a virtual assistant specializing in graphics, which could evolve into areas such as website design, social media management, advertising specialist and so much more.

Executive Assistant 

Are you an organizer? Do you like to help people keep everything stress free, and files tidy? An executive assistant is like the business version of a personal assistant. The job is never boring, and involves critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills and the ability to stay calm under pressure. It can be a rewarding and secure career. When matched with the right client, you become irreplaceable. Check out our client attraction courses,

Those are just a few examples of virtual assistant specialties. Explore others on the ‘Become a VA’ section of our website.

Building your dream career: Layers of leadership

Something happens when you do what you love. You feel worthy, confident and happy, and you do better work that makes other people happy, which makes you feel even more value and gratitude.

Becoming a virtual assistant is more than just a stopgap. It’s an opportunity to build a self- designed career with built-in progression opportunities. When you like doing something, you first do it for yourself. With practice you get better. Then you start getting noticed, and people may even ask if you can teach them how to do it. That’s the second layer of leadership and deepening your craft — teaching others.

Our previous article about how to take that first step in becoming a virtual assistant talks about the importance of community. And we have one of the largest ones in North America here at Virtual Gurus. We’re not only hiring skilled people like you, but we also provide opportunities to dive into the second layer of leadership as a Virtual Gurus Academy Instructor.

Ready to start building your dream career? There are hundreds of clients just waiting for someone like you to help them grow their businesses.

Karen, Virtual Gurus

Karen Wilson

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