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Why a virtual assistant is the ultimate time-saving asset for CEOs and executives

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Martin Dixon

April 25, 2022

As time becomes an increasingly rare commodity for executives and CEOs, virtual assistants are becoming a hot commodity for leaders looking to delegate more so they can focus their efforts on their organization’s strategic direction.

Leaders often find themselves spending a large proportion of their time overseeing business operations, which prevents them from addressing bigger picture needs.

So how can a virtual assistant help? Here are some of ways senior executives can leverage a virtual assistant (VA) to get their time back.

Efficient email & calendar management

Running a business also means having to deal with a large volume of emails, calls and meeting requests. Not only do executives need to send out correspondence pitching their business to potential new clients, partners and investors and keep their employees engaged, they also need to make time to go through their own work and personal inboxes, make calls and schedule meetings. This is a perfect example of where a virtual assistant can offer a lifeline.

A VA will enure your calendar is up-to-date and that you have the best possible schedule that is well-organized to fit your needs. VAs can also help you forward incoming email requests to the right people within the organization and even help draft timely responses to employees, clients or external stakeholders. Learn more about how to create an efficient email management framework for executives and assistants here.

Maintaining contacts

At the executive leadership level, networking is part of the job description. However, the more you network, the more you’ll need someone to keep track of those connections.

A VA can keep all your contact information organized so that you won’t have to waste time combing through your contact list or searching for old emails in your inbox for someone’s contact information. And if you want your list to become a valuable asset for the entire company, a VA can update your centralized database so that your entire team can share information about prospective clients, partners and investors.

Conduct research

Senior leaders will always want to stay on top of the latest news and trends in their fields. Research, however, is a time-consuming task, so delegating these responsibilities to a VA makes sense.

A VA can gather pertinent information about your company’s prospective clients and competitors, as well as new developments and emerging trends, products and services in your industry. This information can also be utilized by other departments such as sales & marketing, helping them to tailor and adjust strategies.

Project management

Leaders typically have responsibility for managing deadlines and coordinating projects with multiple teams. A VA can act as a project coordinator to lay out these deadlines, coordinate with different departments and communicate progress updates effectively between teams. This will help to  streamline internal communications within the organization, so there are no unpleasant surprises with overdue tasks or reports, and a high level of clarity regarding projects that require executive input.

In a world where organizations often have to pivot quickly to stay competitive, speed and agility are more important than ever. Executive teams often find it challenging to stay on top of operations while also setting aside enough time to strategized and build for the future.

By leveraging a virtual assistant — the ultimate time-saving asset — leaders can exponentially increase their efficiency and create the strategic capacity they need.

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Martin Dixon

Martin is the Content Marketing Specialist for Virtual Gurus

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