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We’re your people! Harnessing the power of the Virtual Gurus VA Community

Virtual Gurus Community webinar, We’re your people! Harnessing the power of the Virtual Gurus VA Community.

VG Staff

November 22, 2021

When you become a Virtual Guru, you’re not just starting a ‘new gig’ as a virtual assistant: you’re joining a community of passionate like-minded folks who want the freedom to create their own schedules and access to a variety of opportunities to apply their skillsets.

You have access to four pillars of community resources:

  • Support
  • Recognition
  • Growth
  • Rewards
  • Mentors


Let’s dig into what Support means at Virtual Gurus first.

Access to our Community HUB

Upon completing your onboarding and software training course, you’ll receive an invite to join the Community Hub, our communication platform that gives you instant access to your fellow virtual assistants (VAs) on public channels, as well as the ability to Direct Message peers and your Virtual Gurus management team. You’ll be encouraged to introduce yourself (and if you have furry coworkers, you’ll most likely be asked to share a picture!) and you’ll have instant access to hundreds of VAs if you run into any questions or need further assistance. You may be working in your fuzzy slippers in your home office, but you’re never alone.

Monthly Coffee Chats

Our monthly Coffee Chats give you an opportunity to learn from our experienced “been there, done that” virtual assistants as well as start to put faces to names with your fellow Gurus. Ask questions, or just stay to socialize at the end with others in small breakout rooms.

Wellness Check-ins

Members from our Talent & Community team will regularly check in on you throughout your journey to see how you are feeling, how you are balancing your workload and whether you need any additional support. You can think of our Community team as a “Camp Counselor” with an open door policy if ever need to discuss a concern or share feedback.


VA of the Month

Every month the Virtual Gurus management team nominates a VA that has gone above and beyond to delight our clients. The selected VA receives a cash bonus as well as recognition on our social media channels. This is just a small way we like to say thank you!

Shoutouts & Client Testimonials

Our Client Success Management (CSM) Team is in regular communications with our clients and regularly request feedback on our services. If one of your clients gives you a glowing review, a member of our CSM team will share that testimonial on our Slack channel and you’ll receive a cash bonus on your next paycheck. Keep up the great work on your clients and your efforts will be recognized!


Discounts to the Virtual Gurus Academy

Virtual Gurus launched the Virtual Gurus Academy as a global platform for virtual assistants who want to strengthen their skills and learn from other experienced virtual assistants. The Virtual Gurus Academy provides self-paced learning courses to expand your skills and earning potential with today’s most important professional development options.

Active Virtual Gurus VAs have free access to all Academy classes.

Lunch & Learns

Join us for monthly Lunch & Learns on topics related to improving your skillset and/or wellness. All sessions are recorded so you can easily view them later on your own time.


Virtual Gurus Compensation Model

We strive to provide access to equitable earning opportunities. Virtual Gurus has realized that members of the Talent Community often have skill sets outside our traditional core service offerings that our clientele could benefit from. Therefore, Virtual Gurus Compensation Model is designed to reward community members’ hard work within our core services offerings while unlocking further earning potential for premium skill sets, all under one platform.

  1. Base Compensation
  2. Premium Service Compensation
  3. Bring Your Own Client Compensation


At Virtual Gurus, we’re committed to promoting success for all members of our Talent Community. That’s why we offer a variety of support resources, including our team of Mentors.

Our Mentors have a proven track record of fostering strong client relationships, and are well-known experts in professional communication, resourcefulness, and organizational wizardry. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience to help their peers succeed.

With their guidance and expertise, you can overcome challenges, develop new strategies, and achieve your goals. At Virtual Gurus, we’re committed to empowering our Talent Community members to thrive and succeed.


We offer discounted rates to professional services such as legal, notary and insurance providers through our perk partnerships. And we’ll have more on the roster!


Great people like to work with other great people!  If you refer a friend and they become a Virtual Guru, you’ll receive a cash bonus. Likewise, if you refer a client, you’ll also receive a cash bonus. Spread the word and we’ll spread the love (or moola in this case)!

Phew, what a list! And our Community team is only just getting started! We plan to roll out recognition when you achieve those monthly billable hour milestones, expand our partnerships perks roster, as well as launch an interactive community portal to assist with onboarding and continuous knowledge sharing.

We hope you’ll join our growing community of virtual assistants! To learn more about becoming a VA, please visit our Become a VA page here.

VG Staff

We connect you with the right talent so you can delegate and save time, confident your projects are in capable hands. Our remote team of skilled Virtual Assistants does it all, from bookkeeping and marketing to data entry and administrative support.

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