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Satisfying hyper-connected customers: How to exceed expectations and still have a life

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Martin Dixon

September 14, 2021

Long gone is the era of “we will follow up with you in 4-5 business days”. Online chat services and social media are now effective ways in which users can reach out to businesses, and they expect answers instantaneously.

But keeping up with those inquiries often requires extra hands, especially for smaller, leaner organizations 

Engaging with an always-online audience

This presents an obvious challenge for business owners: What if you regularly  get inquiries after hours, when you and your small team  are taking a well-deserved break from work? In the age of smartphones and always-connected  audiences, if people don’t get a response right away to their questions, they become anxious and annoyed: “My internet is not working. Do something!”, “you sent me the wrong item. Fix this now!”, “my phone stopped working. Help me!”  Even inconveniences that would otherwise be seen as small can trigger bad customer reviews at any moment because of that desire for an immediate response. 

This is a struggle that many small businesses encounter while they are growing: Should you risk  leaving all your customer inquiries or potential leads to when you’re available next, or try to match your audience’s expectations  at the risk of burning out your team? Is there another option?

How a virtual assistant can help

Handling after hours customer inquiries is exactly the kind of task small businesses should consider outsourcing. Whether it’s emails, questions on Facebook from prospective clients or a lead requesting to schedule a meeting, a virtual assistant can keep your customer service machine running while you’re offline.

A virtual assistant can help your business achieve an engagement “boost” that otherwise would be more difficult to achieve on your own by matching (or beating) the expectations of your audience. Virtual Gurus can match you with a virtual assistant who is skilled in customer service to fill the gaps in your team’s schedule. Let us help you achieve your desired work-life balance, while your business continues to impress existing and potential customers.

If you’re looking for more ways a virtual assistant can help your business, check out five ideas here.

Martin Dixon

Martin is the Content Marketing Specialist for Virtual Gurus

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