Remote work destination of the month: Cottage getaway

Alexa Kowaltchuk
August 14, 2020

People haven’t been able to travel very far these days. Many of us have been in quarantine and practicing social distancing for almost half a year now while working from home — which means our travel has been limited to snack breaks at the kitchen fridge, enjoying the great outdoors from our balconies, and endlessly reorganizing our homes to give the illusion that we are constantly in a new place.

But, what if we could travel close to home, work remotely during our time away, all while doing so cautiously and safely? Introducing this month’s remote work destination of the month — the great Canadian cottage getaway! Enjoy a “mini vacation” getaway from your home office in the fresh air and actual great outdoors while maintaining your regular work schedule.

Be smart and careful always. Any travel that you do should be done with immense caution still and you should not be travelling if you feel unwell or feel that you could be a risk to others.

Canada is home to some of the most incredible cottage country destinations — from British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast oceanside paradise to the pristine lakes of Ontario’s Muskoka region. There are tons of reasons why Canadians love heading to the cottage or cabin for a weekend getaway – fresh lakes and beach-lined coastlines, the fragrant smell of pine trees and evening bonfires, swimming, paddling, and hiking as part of our daily exercise, and disconnecting from big city life distractions while connecting with ourselves, our loved ones, and nature.

With remote work on the rise and many organizations adopting it as a permanent reality for their teams, more and more city folks are heading to their cottages and cabins to set up shop while soaking up the best of Canada’s scenery and nature. But, what if you don’t have a cottage and you want to get in on this new remote work cottage life? There are so many options to make this work from home set up a reality for you, too. Check out our list to get your search started:

As a remote worker, having a reliable Internet connection is the most important thing you will need to consider before anything else. So, how do you ensure that your cottage vacation rental has an Internet speed that serves your type of work?

  • Read the property description thoroughly – Does the property have WiFi? Is the property off-the-grid? Make sure you read all of these details carefully.
  • Message or call the host of the listing – Ask the host what the quality of their Internet is and if it’s suitable for working. You can also ask the host to quickly conduct an Internet speed test and to send the result. This can be done easily and for free on loads of different sites or directly through Google search – simply type “Internet speed test.”
  • Read the property reviews carefully – Others who have stayed at the listing you are researching might mention the quality of the Internet in their reviews.
  • Research portable Internet options – Does the listing not offer WiFi but you’re set on staying there? Does your Internet or phone provider service the area through portable WiFi options or through data? You can contact your Internet or phone provider to see what the best solution is for the area you are looking to stay in.

Pro Tip: If the listing you are looking at doesn’t have direct access to the Internet, you can check to see if your phone provider services the area and the strength of the service. If it does service the area, you can mobile tether or pair your device to your computer. This means that your computer uses your phone as a WiFi hotspot, which uses your phone plan’s data to provide your computer with Internet access. You can call your phone provider to ask them to change your monthly plan temporarily to increase your data plan during your mini remote work vacation.

Want to guess where I just wrote this blog post from? That’s right – Ontario cottage country! I have been doing this regularly throughout this COVID-19 summer and don’t have Internet access. I strictly use my phone to tether my data to my computer and use about 10GB of data for a week’s worth of work. Have you been getting away to cottage country while working remotely? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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