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How to reduce employee churn during the virtual revolution

Margaret Glover-Campbell Virtual Revolution Discussion, Virtual Gurus.

VG Staff

December 13, 2022

At the Elevate conference earlier this year, the COO of Virtual Gurus sat down with the Co-Founder & CTO of Dialogue to discuss remote work, technology, and how it’s changing the landscape of employment.

As the world shifts to a new normal, it’s obvious that the nine to five standard workday has, for the most part, become outdated. The traditional workplace as we know it is continuing to evolve. Why not adapt the workday to become an inclusive workplace that is accessible for everyone? By coupling technology with a mission-driven focus, companies worldwide can reduce barriers for employment while breaking the nine to five mold and reimagining the standard workday.

Stay true to your mission and embrace DEI goals

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is more than just a buzzword. It’s a fundamental part of growing as a business and doing better within the communities you serve. Your company’s mission can easily compliment your DEI goals, if it’s the foundation of your workplace culture, values, ethics, fundamental goals, and agenda. There are courses and workshops for certification that your whole company can take to ensure everyone understands how they can bring DEI into the workplace.

Virtual Gurus’ North Star is sourcing highly skilled talent from traditionally underrepresented communities and providing them with opportunities to work with businesses who need support. We’re a purpose-driven company, where DEI is encapsulated in everything that we do, and this translates to increased engagement from our employees and talent alike. They’re invested in our social mission and understand what we’re trying to accomplish. We aim to uplift the communities that we work within.

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“People seek belonging in communities they care about and want to join a group on a mission they can recognize themselves in…excited to get up in the morning to advance that mission.”
-Alexis Smirnov, Co-Founder & CTO, Dialogue

Dialogue is always evaluating ways they can make their company a community that potential employees will want to seek out. With ever-growing competition for top talent, people don’t seek only a paycheck and career advancement from their workplace; they seek a mission they can believe in. They seek a community they can join.

Leveraging remote work and technology

Covid-19 turned the business world upside-down and companies were forced to remove barriers from their traditional working standards. Managers were forced to open the door for remote work, and employees noticed the benefits of better work and life balance. Now many are refusing to go back.

Remote work is now very desirable, and employees are Quiet Quitting when forced back into the office. So how do you avoid the Great Resignation? One method is to evaluate how you can incorporate remote work and technology into your company. Fractional support is a scalable solution to fill the gaps in your business where you require support, but don’t have enough need for a full-time hire.

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“…if you look at the barriers that both of our companies are actually removing, by providing this entire opportunity to work remotely, but also to access the services…we are uplifting, and providing income opportunities to people here in Canada and in the United States, that perhaps wouldn’t have been able to get those opportunities before.”
-Margaret Glover-Campbell, COO, Virtual Gurus

Dialogue wisely invested their efforts into technology, and went as far as inventing solutions for what they were missing when one didn’t already exist. Virtual Gurus has also invested heavily into our technology to smash through employment barriers and provide the opportunity to work remotely. We’re uplifting and providing income opportunities to people here in Canada and in the United States, who perhaps wouldn’t have been able to get those opportunities before.

Caring for your team’s health and wellness

As employees begin to think of their workplace as more than just a paycheck, employers also need to view employees as more than just a line on payroll. Employees are reporting burnout at record levels, and the pandemic only worsened the issue. Show your employees you value them by investing in health and wellness programs that support both their physical and mental health. This is beneficial for the employees and results in increased retention and productivity for your business.

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“They seek more than a paycheck, they seek a company that cares about them as individuals as opposed to a resource with a certain skill set. And, that means caring about their mental health, caring about their wellness, caring about their health.”
-Alexis Smirnov, Co-Founder & CTO, Dialogue

Dialogue provides a revolutionary option for health and wellness that allows health care providers to truly empathize with their patients and guide them on a path to better health. Employers now have access to multiple resources, such as the services provided by Dialogue, where they can choose tailored solutions that suit their business to offer health and wellness coverage for their employees.

What are the first steps in reducing employee churn?

  1. Evaluate your business mission, goals and current operating structure. Look at where you have room to grow and become the type of company people seek out for employment.
  1. Are your employees doing more work than their job description and showing signs of burnout? It might be time to look into remote work for fractional support so your office administrator doesn’t also need to handle the company’s social media. Bringing in support will allow your employees to focus on the key aspects of their position.
  1.  If you’ve been sleeping on a health and wellness plan for your employees, now is the time to look into different service options like those provided by our friends at Dialogue. Show you authentically care about your employees as people by offering programs that make a difference in their lives.

The virtual revolution is paving the path for a whole new employee and employer relationship. As the dynamic continues to evolve, so must your business, by reexamining what were previously believed to be ludicrous thoughts–such as remote work– and being unafraid of evolving the traditional workplace.

VG Staff

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