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Mona Csada
May 25, 2021

Working together is a powerful thing. That’s why our partnership team is hard at work building a community to support our clients in practically every area of business. Here are three of the newest organizations to join us, each with a unique product or service relevant to VG clients.

Apollo Insurance 

The team at Apollo knows that being a small business owner takes courage, dedication and hard work. They've made at least one task easier by creating insurance products specifically tailored to the unique needs of small business. Business owners can get the insurance they need in minutes through Apollo’s online portal

Of course, partnerships go both ways. Virtual Gurus will help insurance brokers and agents streamline their business operations by providing access to our marketplace of highly-skilled Virtual Assistants. 

Notary Pro

Notary Pro is Canada’s online notary marketplace. They make it easy to find a notary, with convenient online appointment booking and flexible evening and weekend hours. Their  technology, software, and processes make for a better notary public experience. VG clients get 20% off services through Notary Pro’s website.Through this partnership, Notary Pro lawyers and notaries will gain access to our marketplace of highly-skilled Virtual Assistants, enabling them to unlock more productivity by delegating administrative work and focusing on their expertise.

Canadian Women’s Network

The Canadian Women’s Network (CWN) leverages the power of our Silicon Valley network and CWN Connectors to deliver educational programs and introductions to founders leading high-growth businesses. Visit CWN online to learn more about their mentorship and investment programs, as well as on-going interactive workshops and webinars to help you build market traction.

Canadian women entrepreneurs can now focus on growing their businesses faster by leveraging VG’s marketplace of Virtual Assistants. By delegating administrative tasks to our VAs, they’ll have more time to  focus on their big strategic imperatives. 

More partners to explore

We have many other partners offering everything from legal services to software and more. Check out our lineup and start harnessing the full power of the Virtual Gurus community!

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Mona Csada

Mona is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Virtual Gurus.

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