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Marketing resources for beginners

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Nicole Duggan

September 7, 2021

Are you a newbie in the marketing world? How can you equip yourself to take advantage of any opportunity and jump into content creation and marketing at work? Time to do some digging for resources. Here are our favourites:


Content creation

• Content ideas Answer the Public & 

• Mockups mockmagic

• Custom motion graphics Jitter Video

• Interactive content 

• Email templates Really Good Emails



• Copy generation 

• Rewrite suggestions Wordtune 

• Find my audience Find My Audience 


Help with the strategy and planning

• See your competitor’s Facebook Ads Facebook Ads Library 

• Hashtag generator Hashtag Stack 

• Title generator Title Generator 

• Influencer profile analytics We Find


Learn some new skills

• Hubspot Academy Hubspot Academy

• Quintly Academy Quintly Academy 

• Facebook Ad Blueprint Facebook Blueprint 

• Future Learn  Future Learn 


The marketing world is constantly changing, but feel confident that the technology and tools that accompany it will keep evolving as well. Keep yourself up to date on the latest and greatest tools to keep that feeling of confidence for any marketing role that pops up for you. We hope that this inspires you to get out there and Google search your heart out! There’s so much more to learn.

Nicole Duggan

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