How to find the right virtual assistant through the Virtual Gurus Talentplace

Alexa Kowaltchuk
May 24, 2022

Is your email inbox getting fuller by the second? Are you double-booking client meetings? Is your monthly bookkeeping only completed every 6 months? At Virtual Gurus we have worked with hundreds of clients who were having difficulty managing their day-to-day business tasks, so we understand how to get you and your business organized for success. Finding the right virtual assistant to support you and your organization is easy. Let’s take you through the process and show you how to find the right virtual assistant through the Virtual Gurus Talentplace.

Step 1: Determine the reason(s) you need a virtual assistant.

Make a list of all of the tasks you need taken care of and what skills and technical knowledge are required to complete them. Do you need someone who is an expert in social media and digital marketing? Or, do you need a quick typer who excels with data entry tasks?

Step 2: Pick your talent type.

Once you’ve created your list of tasks and hard skills, think about the type of virtual assistant you would like to work with – their skills, their attitude, and their time management abilities. Soft skills are as equally important as hard skills. Make sure you have an idea of what type of virtual assistant would work best with your personality type and with your team.

Step 3: Head over to our Talentplace.

Once you’ve got your list of required hard and soft skills, with your required tasks clearly defined, head over to the Virtual Gurus Talentplace, select the type of support you need, how many hours you require, and start exploring your potential matches in our extensive database.

Step 4: Read the bios and get to know our virtual assistants.

Each of our virtual assistants have their very own bio which highlights their strengths, their previous work experience, their academic experience, hard and soft skills, and unique qualities that make them stand out. We have virtual assistants who have bilingual and trilingual capabilities in various languages as well as those who are proficient in American Sign Language. Many of our VAs have extensive experience in a variety of industries and/or proficiency in commonly used software.

Step 5: Be aware of the details.

Make note of the assistant's location, available schedule, and top skills (be sure that they match your list), because this will give you an indication of if they are a strong candidate.

Step 6: Select the assistant you would like to work with or request a consultation to discuss your unique needs further.

Simply select the assistant you would like to work with or hit the “request a consultation” button if you’d like our team to help you choose the right assistant(s) for you. One of our Client Success Managers will be able to match you with the perfect assistant for your business.

If you’re struggling with your day-to-day business tasks, look no further for specialized administrative support. Virtual assistants increase efficiency, free up your valuable time, and are cost-effective – allowing you to prioritize what’s important and save on overhead costs. Let us help you today and find your perfect virtual assistant match. Get in touch with us here.

Want to learn more about hiring a virtual assistant?

View our services page to see all the ways we can support your team.

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