How a data entry virtual assistant can be a productivity game-changer

Justin Waldrop
September 12, 2022

Are you ready to free your time and unlock your productivity? Consider hiring a virtual assistant (VA) to take care of your data entry. 

Turning over data entry tasks to VAs can be daunting because it involves giving up control to some degree. You must be willing to trust your VA to keep your data confidential and complete tasks efficiently and correctly to support your organization. 

Our clients consistently tell us they’re glad they took the leap. Virtual assistants can be life savers when it comes to keeping your data organized and accessible. And since Virtual Gurus VAs are pre-vetted and assessed, you can rest assured that they not only have the skills necessary to perform data entry functions but that they will respect your data security needs. 

Here are some ways our talented VAs can help you with data entry tasks to improve productivity:

Marketing data entry

Our VAs can take care of your marketing data, allowing you to streamline your efforts and strategically manage your marketing plan. Data entry VAs can take care of marketing tasks like:

  • Creating and managing email lists for campaigns
  • Transferring handwritten or business card contact information  from events to spreadsheets
  • Entering data into CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho etc. 
  • Managing spreadsheets
  • Tracking lead information

Financial data entry

Never worry about accounts receivable and payable, receipts, daily financial reconciliation, and more. Stay on top of bookkeeping and other financial tasks by enlisting the help of VAs. They can:

  • Gather and enter new data
  • Clean and organize existing data
  • Create general ledger entries to keep track of credits and debits and balance your cash flow statements
  • Track and process payments and receipts 
  • Process existing data and post it into accounting programs, ensuring that they balance

Administration data entry

Stay on track by having VAs manage the day-to-day tasks that typically bog you down. They manage the details, and you manage your business. VAs can help you by:

  • Entering customer data, including names, addresses, contact info, customer number, history of interactions with the company, etc.
  • Taking notes and transposing 
  • Formatting time dockets and meeting and call notes
  • Managing email lists and manual entry of information
  • Assisting with RFP formatting and information
  • Filing and organizing 

Outsourcing data entry tasks to level up organizational productivity

By now, you can see just a few ways VAs can support your data entry tasks and alleviate your workload. At Virtual Gurus, we match you with the right VA to tackle your tasks. As you learn to trust your VA and they learn the ins and outs of your organization, they’ll become an essential member of your team.

Our VAs focus on the details allowing you to focus on the big picture. Let them take care of your data management, allowing you to streamline your efforts and be more productive. This, in turn, will boost your bottom line.

Want to learn more about hiring a virtual assistant?

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