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Free and inexpensive tools and programs for small businesses

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Alexa Kowaltchuk

August 7, 2020

Are you a small business owner who is looking for tools and programs to optimize your business operations? We are experts in working with small businesses and know which tools and programs help entrepreneurs to streamline their business processes and operations. Here are some of our favourite free and inexpensive tools and programs for small businesses that our virtual assistants and clients absolutely love.


Ever wonder how your direct competitor is making all of those fancy graphics and designs for their marketing materials, website, and social media? They’re probably using Canva! Canva is an amazing free and user-friendly tool for graphic design. It is incredibly easy to learn and the platform provides a seemingly endless variety of styles and tools to make beautiful and unique designs for all of your business needs.


Want to keep your clients engaged and connected to your business? Start sending out email newsletters to keep them in the know with any news for upcoming events, promotions, or new services and products that your business has to offer. Mailchimp is a phenomenal platform to send out newsletters, set up mailing lists, and design and build marketing campaigns. It is very user-friendly and has been the leading email marketing software for years, for a good reason.


Got a lot of files you need to manage and store across your team? Dropbox is THE solution. Dropbox allows you to bring all of your files – photos, documents, and videos anywhere and share them easily with your team. A variety of files can be uploaded and shared, without any compatibility issues, making Dropbox a great solution for large video file sharing. Dropbox integrates easily with Microsoft 365 and Slack, and provides an approachable, user-friendly platform.


Does your business use social media often? Never worry about posting social media content again and get yourself organized with Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows for social media content management and scheduling across multiple platforms in one, easy-to-access online space. You can manage multiple accounts at once, with multiple social profiles by adding specific streams to your Hootsuite dashboard. Scheduling posts in advance, curating content, and accessing analytics are just some of Hootsuite’s user-friendly features.


Keeping track and managing is important. Wave makes it easy. Wave is a web-based (and free!) accounting and invoicing platform. It allows you to manage payroll, keep track of expenses and manage receipts, perform credit card processing, and perform a variety of other business banking tasks. It’s perfectly designed to cater to small businesses with small teams.

Having the right tools and programs for your small business can make a significant impact and help you to streamline business operations. Try out some of our favourites today to see if they’re a good fit for your business. Let us know some of your favourite tools and programs in the comments below.

Alexa, Virtual Gurus

Alexa Kowaltchuk

Alexa is a social media and blogging guru with a severe case of the travel bug. For the last 3 years, she has been travelling across the world while working as a digital nomad. When not busy writing and creating content, she is out discovering new cheeses to add to her next cheese board.

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