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For startups and scaleups, VAs are the perfect match

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Steven Suntres

April 18, 2022

Starting or scaling a business is a huge undertaking that comes with mixed emotions: excitement, uncertainty, downright fear or all of the above. Although you’re taking the next step to achieving your business goals, it can be stressful to contemplate how you’ll manage it while keeping operating costs contained.

More and more entrepreneurs are turning to virtual assistants (VAs) as a flexible, cost-effective way to add capacity to their teams to support rapid growth. Read on to see how VAs are the perfect match for startups and scaleups, adding cost-efficient predictability to your operations while bringing a diverse range of skill sets to support  your administration, office management, bookkeeping, marketing, social media, sales, and more!

Flexible skill sets

As you grow, you need a larger pool of talent with more specialized skills — you need to start moving from a small group of generalists who wear many hats, to a larger team of specialists who can expand and improve your performance in each functional area. But you may not be ready or able to add full time team members right away.

In these situations, a VA contract is just what you need. VA(s) can support your team in a variety of areas, from managing emails and calendars, answering phone calls and handling finances to organizing databases or helping with content creation.

Through a flexible VA subscription package, you can get matched with one or multiple part-time assistants to get the combination of skills you need, and only pay for the hours you need. This keeps operating costs contained, while supplementing your talent pool and providing needed support to your current team, resulting in lower burnout and turnover rates.

Tech-savvy skills to optimize processes

By the very nature of remote work, VAs are dependent on advanced knowledge of technology, including a wide range of software and applications. This means they can usually quickly become proficient with your existing digital applications and processes.  In addition, they might be able to help you implement new tech-driven solutions, whether it be  internal/external communications, records management, or customer service processes, VAs

Boosting productivity

Let’s face it: as a leader, you have ambitious goals for the future of your organization, but daily admin tasks often take up far too much of your time. Bringing on one or more virtual assistants to take over the admin work will free up time for you and your team to focus on more important priorities. Whether it’s  taking care of your cluttered inbox, scheduling social media posts, routine bookkeeping tasks or interacting with customers, VAs are experts at helping organizations run effectively and efficiently.

Where to find the best VAs

So, you’ve decided that a VA is just what you need to make your startup or scaleup dreams come true. Now you just need to find skilled VAs you can trust.

At Virtual Gurus, we screen and select the best VA talent from Canada and the US. Through a combination of previous experience and our robust onboarding and training process, our VAs are well-equipped to assist your business with skills in general administration, executive administration, office management, bookkeeping, marketing, social media, sales support and more.

So book a call with us today and we’ll match you with one or more of our highly skilled virtual assistants. Then you’ll be well supported for achieving your startup or scaleup dreams.

Steven Suntres

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