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askBetty helps you tackle your to-do list in Slack

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Melanie Lavoie

January 29, 2021

Without a doubt, 2020 was a problematic year full of challenges. As the pandemic continues to force many professionals to work from home, folx are juggling multiple tasks in work and life.

Wish you had a personal assistant to handle those mundane little tasks that add up? Just want to get stuff done?

We’re excited to officially launch askBetty, our Slack App powered by Virtual Gurus that gives you instant access to a live virtual assistant.

Why askBetty and who is she?

askBetty helps you delegate your to-do list, all on Slack. Simply type “Hey Betty” into the Slack app and you’re instantly connected with a personal assistant who can complete admin or concierge-type tasks throughout your workday.

Reimagine your to-do list

Betty can easily tackle bite-sized concierge or administrative type tasks, enabling you to focus on other high priority tasks. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your to-do list and you just don’t know what to tackle next? This is when askBetty will come in handy. Regardless if you are scrambling to find a last-minute birthday gift, or need help formatting an ugly Word document, Betty will have your back.

What can Betty do for you?

Through a tailored one-to-one conversation, Slack users can ask Betty to handle a wide variety of tasks for them. Here are some examples:

Audio transcription

When you think of mundane tasks, audio transcription might just come to mind. Simply say “Hey Betty” in your Slack app, upload the audio file and it will be transcribed by one of our assistants in whichever format you request. Want to add your logo? No problem! Need to highlight action items for each speaker? Sure thing.  


Whether you’re part of an agency or a freelancer on a mission to optimize your digital presence, we all can appreciate the second set of eyes to ensure the content is accurate and engaging.

The life of a content creator is fast and furious with multiple deadlines coming down the pipeline and it is easy to glaze over and make mistakes. Get Betty and her team of savvy VAs to proofread your next post, allowing you to spend more time on those tasks that require creativity and inspiration.

Get sh*t done today

Ready to delegate your to-do list in Slack? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Add the askBetty Slack App
  2. Open the app to create an account
  3. Use promo code 4FREE-BETA for four free tasks on us!

Learn more at:

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Read the askBetty press release here.

Melanie, with Virtual Gurus

Melanie Lavoie

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