7 ways an executive virtual assistant can assist and support your team

Alexa Kowaltchuk
July 17, 2020

Remote work is here to stay. More and more startups, small businesses, and large-scale organizations are turning to virtual assistants to outsource tasks and seek business support and development. Virtual assistants increase workplace efficiency, free-up your valuable time, and are cost-effective solutions to in-house employees. But, did you know that you can hire a virtual executive assistant to assist and support your executive team? Here are 7 ways an executive virtual assistant can assist and support your executive team.

Email Management

Are you a busy executive who is struggling to keep up with your seemingly endless influx of emails? Virtual executive assistants are pros at managing hectic inboxes. Get your virtual assistant to label, prioritize, organize, and respond to emails on your behalf, so that you have ample time to address the emails that require your personal attention.

Scheduling + Calendar Management

Scheduling meetings with potential and new clients, managing press interviews, arranging investor meetings, and carving out blocks in your schedule to meet with your team can be difficult to coordinate all at once. Virtual executive assistants not only can manage your busy inbox, but your busy calendar as well. Leave it to your assistant to sync your calendar with your email invitations, reach out to clients, investors, and team members to coordinate meeting times that work for all parties. Find peace of mind knowing that your busy life (both professional and personal) is organized and taken care of for you.

Travel Arrangements

Whether it be a business trip or a personal holiday, arranging travel can be a tedious task for a busy executive. Comparing prices for car rentals, flights, travel insurance, and accommodations eats up a lot of precious time. Delegate price comparisons, researching of destinations, and making and confirming reservations to your executive virtual assistant, so that all you need to do is get on the plane – worry free.

Attending Meetings + Minute Taking

A critical component of any meeting is having clear, well-written notes taken throughout the meeting and distributed to all relevant parties afterwards. Minute taking is imperative to provide clear summaries and next action items to your team – keep everyone on the same page with the same information, so that your team is working together effectively. As your second set of ears, executive virtual assistants are active and careful listeners that can attend meetings with you or on your behalf, document the details of the meeting, distribute meeting minutes to your team, and answer any questions in regards to the meeting. Never worry about missing a single important meeting detail again.

Personal Banking + Expense Reporting

Got a whole slew of monthly bills to pay, but no time to do it? Need to submit your end-of-month expenses to your accounting department, but don’t have time to go through all of your receipts? Executive virtual assistants are detail-oriented, banking and expense reporting experts who understand the high-level of sensitivity and privacy of your financial information. Take comfort knowing that your bills have been paid on time and that your expenses have been submitted accurately – each month.

Event Planning

Need to plan a team outing, holiday party, or training conference? Executive virtual assistants are skilled in researching caterers, venues, and event rentals, and can handle all event coordination responsibilities. Strategize with your assistant, communicate your vision, and delegate the rest to them. Simply show up and enjoy the event, knowing that all of the details have already been taken care of.

Communications + Writing

Executive virtual assistants have a wealth of experience working with corporate and business communications. They have ample experience writing and editing client-facing communications, press releases, professional bios, web content, social media content, blogging, and email marketing. Leave the written and communications components of your business to your virtual assistant.

Hiring an executive virtual assistant is a smart business decision when looking for administrative support for your executive team. Virtual assistants increase efficiency, free-up your valuable time, and are cost-effective – allowing you to prioritize what’s important and save on overhead costs. Hiring an executive virtual assistant with expertise in email and calendar management, arranging corporate and executive travel, minute taking, personal banking and expense reporting, event planning, and communications, will allow you to outsource your executive administration needs to experts who will ensure that your executive team is assisted and supported in every way possible.

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