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5 ways to crush your year-end with a VA

Virtual Gurus blog post shows 5 ways to crush your year-end with a VA.

Nikki Macaraeg

November 29, 2021

2021 was wild. 

And time is money, and there’s only so much of 2021 left (thank goodness). Unfortunately, that also means that end-of-year deadlines are looming, documents and processes have to be reviewed, holidays orders need to be filled, 2022 prep needs to be started, etc., and sometimes, you need a little help. 

But does getting help mean finding (more non-existent) time in your day to do those things yourself, or to train someone else how to do them? Maybe not. 

Consider bringing on a virtual assistant (VA) to help finish your year strong. There are over 20 types of services that  many organizations like yours are already getting done more efficiently and effectively by leveraging part time VAs. From social media management, graphic design and e-commerce to calendar management, bookkeeping, and file organization, there is a world of very skilled help right at your fingertips. 

So, to help you help us help you, here are five ways a VA can get you organized for year-end and the holiday season. Because you deserve a break too. 

Send holiday greetings and order gifts

VAs can search for client gifts from local providers in your area or larger vendors who can meet a tight deadline. In addition, they can design personalized greeting cards and organize your client list, ensuring no one is forgotten. Even Santa has his elves to help spread holiday cheer! 

Create holiday and New Year social media content

Creating engaging content can be hard when you’re being pulled in a million other (and more fun) directions. However, a dedicated social media VA can create thoughtful and strategic images, video clips and captions for the holidays, along with a schedule to carry you into the New Year. 

Clean up your inbox and calendar

Be honest – how many unread emails do you have? Is the search tool your best friend? Do you remember which holiday parties you’ve said yes and no to? 

A virtual assistant can compile a list of subscriptions for you to review and unsubscribe accordingly. They can organize your emails by project, topic, client, etc. They can also manage your holiday calendar, keeping you on top of your meetings, parties and gatherings. 2022 could be the start of your first-ever “0 unread emails” year; what a (very possible) dream! 

(If allowing another person into your inbox scares you, check out how our COO and her VA built the perfect inbox relationship.)

End-of-year financials

Do you know where all of your financial documents are? Can you find them easily and quickly if an audit were to occur? 

Having a VA assist you with end-of-year financial tasks will make the countdown to 2022 more bearable. For example, organizing your expenses and tracking down outstanding payments, cleaning up and backing up files, reviewing annual plans or memberships, bookkeeping and accounting, etc. These time-consuming, tax-impacting tasks can be done for you, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. 

2022 prep

A virtual assistant can update your customer and vendor information, templates and CRM campaigns for the New Year, and renew any weekly or monthly subscriptions or recurring calendar items that expire on December 31. VAs are also a great sounding board for setting goals and intentions for yourself and your business in the coming year. They can provide another perspective on your evolving organization and possibly expand their work scope to help you.  


Imagine what you could do with as little as 10 hours a month of administrative, social media, financial or other work off your desk!! VAs are here to help you and keep you on track to crush next year’s goals. 

Here’s to you and an organized end to 2021!

Nikki, Marketing and Social Media Support with Virtual Gurus.

Nikki Macaraeg

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