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5 ways a virtual assistant can help cut business costs

Virtual Gurus blog post shows 5 ways a virtual assistant can help cut business costs.

Virtual Gurus Staff

February 28, 2022

With recent and continued high inflation worldwide, most organizations are looking for creative ways to cut business costs. Leveraging a virtual assistant service is an effective way to accomplish just that. Here are five ways a VA can save you money and help you keep your books in the black.

1. Pay only for the time you need

Pay for only the hours you actually need by choosing the best monthly package for you. We offer convenient and economical virtual assistant packages starting at only 10 hours a month. So if you’re only looking for a bit of support, you’re not overspending on a full-time salaried employee. You can start small and increase your package as your business grows.

2. Eliminate recruiting costs

From advertising your position to paying a recruiter to review resumes, conduct interviews, and administer assessments, recruiting costs can add up fast. But if you sign up with Virtual Gurus, we do the recruiting for you. We thoroughly screen and train all of our virtual assistants, including interviews, skill tests, onboarding and training. You get an assistant who’s ready to hit the ground running from day one.

3. Save on benefits and vacation time

With salaried employees or part-time staff on your payroll, you’re spending the equivalent of 30% over and above their salary on benefits packages and vacation time! That’s not the case with a virtual assistant, who operates more like a freelancer.

Virtual assistants take care of their own benefits. What’s more, when your VA takes vacation time, you won’t be scrambling to find coverage for them. Our Client Success team can find a substitute assistant to cover while your regular VA is away; it’s all part of your package.

4. Cut office space costs

Virtual assistants don’t need you to provide an office space, furniture or any other equipment for them. They’re all set up to work effectively from their home offices with their own tech, equipment, and supplies. That translates directly to hard cost savings for you.

5. Find new efficiencies

Our virtual assistants are masters of efficiency and productivity. Whether it’s free or affordable software tools, streamlining processes or creating reports that help you identify cost-cutting opportunities, don’t be surprised if your VA finds effective ways to help you trim costs or accomplish more with less.

Ready to cut your business costs? Browse our Talentplace to find the perfect VA to meet your needs, or book a discovery call with our Solutions team if you need help deciding. It’s as easy as that.

Virtual Gurus Staff

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