The Best Music For Work? Try These Playlists!

For virtual assistants working from home, the unique challenges often pale in comparison to the benefits. Nothing like having your own personal bathroom, for example, and never having to walk in heels again!

Another perk of working from home is total control of the radio. No more cloying easy listening stations or headphones; you are at liberty to craft your personal soundtrack. From classical to metal, the choice is yours. Although some research points to silence as being the best productivity track, some of us audiophiles need music to keep the momentum going.

With more and more workers telecommuting, productivity playlists are showing up everywhere on the web. Do a search on YouTube and you’ll find an endless array of “concentration” and “focus” music tracks. Whether or not music has any impact on brain power is up for debate, although studies like the Mozart effect concluded that listening to Mozart slightly improved cognitive skills in students.

The main benefit for most of us is that music makes us happy, energized and ready to take on whatever the virtual world wants to toss our way. If music gives us an edge on our work productivity, that’s even better. Here’s a sampling of productivity music from the web to check out. Most of us will never compose symphonies like Mozart, but we can all use a boost of brain power any day!

  • Focus At Will – This website offers a wide variety of musical styles. It’s a paid site with a two week free trial, but they offer rollover buttons on the home page to sample different musical genres. I’m a bit skeptical of their claim that this is “Music you can’t find anywhere else”, but if you pay for it, you’re more likely to use it, so if hand drumming is your thing, this could be the solution to any daily work distractions.


  • Noisli – A free site that offers the sounds of everything from thunderstorms to trains, you can create your own personalized mix with the handy audio sliders. You can also use their pre-made mixes such as Random, Productivity and Relax.


  • Lofi Music – Super mellow hip hop channel designed to be the perfect mix of background beats for your day. The channel boasts 800+ tracks and promises to stay active until the user’s pc crashes. Best of all, it’s a YouTube channel so it’s totally free.

Best Music For Work

  • Coffitivity – Bring the vibe of the coffee shop to your home office without the distractions. You can choose which coffee shop environment best suits you, such as Morning Murmur or Lunchtime Lounge. Upgrade for $9 a month and get selections such as Paris Paradise or Texas Teahouse.

Best Music For Work

  • Music For Programming – If you’re musically adventurous, this is the site for you. Mixes by programming nerds, with endless tunes by some of the most obscure aural forces of the dark web. If you’re not totally creeped out, you’ll be fascinated.

Best Music For Work

  • Programmer’s Music – Same minimalist layout about the above site, but this site works in conjunction with the Pomodoro technique. Listen to dub step with verbal cues for breaks in your workflow. For workers who want to vibe out on tunes and stick to a productivity regimen, this site is worth checking out.

Best Music For Work

Any virtual worker will tell you, staying focused and on task requires above average self and time management skills. Whether it’s music, ambient sounds or stress busters, experimenting with tools to increase your productivity is always a good thing.

What playlists do you listen to during your work day? Which websites help you stay focused? Share your tips in the comments.

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