Free Excellent Apps To Organize Your Life

There’s an app for that

You know the saying… “There’s an app for that”…well, there really is, and we’ve got the list of the best FREE organizational apps for you. Not only are these all free (with upgradable options), they are all available for both IOS and Android.

Dropbox is a cloud storage app.

  • Perfect place to share large files with anyone, even if that person doesn’t have a Dropbox account.
  • Backed up and accessible from all devices.
  • Store: photos, docs, videos and other large files.

Cloudwards is a handy site for cloud storage providers. Not sure if Dropbox is your thing?

  • Updated weekly
  • Feature sorting capabilities
  • Monthly pricing and storage information
    Here are some perks of using Cloudwards:

Evernote lets you capture and share your ideas across multiple devices.

  • Organize anything.
  • Take better notes: project to-do list, picture of a sketch, a reminder, etc…
  • Scan anything.
  • Search your handwriting.
  • You can even do voice to text.

IFTTT simplifies and automates everyday tasks by creating custom recipes.

  • Over 400 apps work with IFTTT
  • Turn on applets to streamline your social media, back up important files, trigger events based on your current location, etc…

24me is a personal assistant in your pocket.

  • This app unifies all your calendars, tasks, notes, and personal accounts.
  • Personal reminders.
  • Fantastic at sharing tasks with others.
  • Meet My Links is how you can get automatic notifications about things you need to know.

Password Manager

LastPass manages your passwords, so you don’t have to.

  • You can use LastPass on all your devices.
  • Unlimited password storage.
  • Easy to share… no more sending passwords via text (gasp).

Pocket is where you can put articles and videos that you want to view later.

  • Articles & videos can be saved and watched later on any device.
  • Can be saved from over 1500+ apps.
  • You can get stories tailored to your interests.

SimpleMind is a mind-mapping tool where you can easily brainstorm & collect your thoughts.

  • Can be synchronized with GoogleDrive or Dropbox.
  • Easily add: media, documents, images, videos, photos, notes, links, etc…
  • Organize your mind maps in folders.


Google Calendar is the most popular calendar app out there. I’m sure you’ve already been introduced to it, so I will mention some features you may not know about that you really should be taking advantage of (credit goes to Rob Nightingale)

  • Create an appointment page
  • Countdown to your next event
  • Get a daily agenda to your inbox
  • Layer your calendars
  • Easy video calls
  • Email all of your attendees
  • Set up a world clock
  • Keep track of your finances
  • Simplify your morning routine

List Apps

Todoist is a to-do list for organizing work & tasks.

  • Easy to organize with colors, labels, filters, & more… you choose what works best for you.
  • The quick-add feature allows you to capture your ideas on-the-go.
  • You can collaborate with other people, in real-time, on projects or tasks.

Wunderlist is a to-do list & task manager app.

  • This is an amazing list app.
  • Not only can you add reminders and due dates, but you can create task lists that help you plan for work, home & everything inbetween.
  • Sharing lists and assigning to-do’s are made incredibly simple in this app.



Project Management Tools

Asana is used for teams to track their work.

  • You can organize your teams & projects, from start to finish.
  • Boards help you visualize your work.
  • It’s very easy to add tasks, reminders and ideas.

Trello helps you organize and prioritize your projects.

  • You can collaborate with your team, from virtually anywhere.
  • Create project boards and attach lists with cards. Consequently, projects become super simplistic and highly effective.
  • This is even a great app for organizing your next family vacation!

FullContact is an address book and contact manager.

Just snap a picture of a business card with your phone, and FullContact will import it into your contacts.

  •  It will automatically read your email signatures and import them into your contacts, keeping you in contact with everyone on your email list.
  • Do you have trouble with duplicate contacts? It’s a pain to go thru and organize them. FullContact will recognize and merge duplicates.
  • FullContact is also a great way to keep your contacts synced between all your devices. As a result, you can improve efficiency with this seamless process.


Shoeboxed is a receipt and mileage tracker. It can:

  • Scan and manage receipts.
  • Track mileage using your phone’s navigational system.
  • View & categorize all your expenses at one time.
  • Reimbursement of business expenses by instantly sending expense reports from your phone.

Do you use any of these apps? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know, in the comments below.

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