Working As A Virtual Assistant – A Personal Post

My journey as a virtual assistant began when I was laid off from my oilfield job in January of 2016. I made it through three or four layoffs before my number came up, and as they say, the rest is history. I started working at Canadian Virtual Gurus in February 2016. I was lucky, CVG hired me less than a week after I signed the papers to finalize my layoff.

Coming from the oil industry, I am no stranger to hard work and long hours. I spent four years working on the administrative team at a world-class completions company. It was typical to start early and leave late, especially during our busy season.

Working with Canadian Virtual Gurus is completely different. As a virtual company, you are responsible for what you do within the workday. There are client emails to return, virtual assistants to check in on, web design projects to manage and invoices to be processed.

I’ve learned that creating a “to do” list can be a great way to stay focused. I’ve learned an enormous amount about time management and productivity tools by working in the virtual workplace.

So, what does a typical day consist of? Hah!

That’s cute, a “typical” day. I’m logged in at 9 am on my laptop. The first half hour of the day is spent reading and prioritizing emails that arrived over the course of the evening.

Then there are the remaining tasks: working with clients, designing websites and social media management. At any given time, I have no fewer than 15 windows open on my computer plus Zoom, Photoshop, and Slack pinging me!

At CVG, I’ve found a passion for creative work: writing, designing websites and managing social media. I’m allowed to exercise those talents here, and that’s what makes this job so rewarding. I get to be creative each and every day and for whatever reason, that just breeds more creativity. Since I’ve been working here, my own art has flourished. I find myself drawing and creating more and more!

I’ve never been good at change so I’m surprised at how easily I’ve adapted to my ever-adjusting responsibilities. Working at Canadian Virtual Gurus offers freedom and the chance to take a job and make it my own.

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