5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Get You Organized

5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Get You Organized

Struggling to stay on top of your work and personal life and need help getting your to-do list done? Take back control of your life and get organized with a virtual assistant – your very own personal helper that will help you and your team to get organized for business success. Here are 5 ways a virtual assistant can get you organized.

Email Management

Is your inbox overflowing with pending action items? Are client requests being overlooked and not dealt with in a timely manner? Missing important details for projects that needed immediate attention? Stop feeling overwhelmed by your evergrowing email inbox and get a virtual assistant to organize, sort, delegate, and respond to emails on your behalf.


Are you juggling the demanding schedule of your full-time work, while trying to shuffle around your client meetings? Are your clients getting frustrated with delayed responses to their meeting requests? Are you missing important events on your calendar due to mismanaged scheduling? Have a virtual assistant organize your calendar just the way that you like it and have peace of mind knowing that all of the events, meetings, and deadlines you’re responsible for are accounted for.

Clean Up Folders and Online Storage

Is your Dropbox or Google Drive a total mess? Is your team having difficulty locating necessary files for critical deadlines? Keeping your online storage organized can be a tedious task, especially when you have a mountain of pressing items you need to take care of. Virtual assistants are organizational whizzes and can get your online folders and storage sorted in a flash.

Bookkeeping and Expense Reporting

Keep finding receipts in your car, purse, and all around your desk, that need to be accounted for? Was your May monthly bookkeeping due 5 months ago, but you’re struggling to find the time to finally get it done? Is your team overdue on filing their expense reports for refunds they needed a few weeks ago? Get yourself and your team financially organized and stress-free with a virtual assistant accounting extraordinaire, so that you can focus on the financial month ahead – not the one 5 months ago.

Social Media Management

Got a lot of social media items on your to-do list, but don’t have the time to post them? Do you pay for content scheduling software, but don’t have time to actually schedule your posts? Are you struggling to keep on top of client comments and messages across your social channels? Whether you have content scheduling software or not, a virtual assistant can ensure that all of your social media posts are going out when they need to and that your community’s messages are being managed effectively.

Undoubtedly, there are countless benefits to hiring a virtual assistant to support you and your team. Virtual assistants are affordable alternatives to full-time, salaried staff and provide the ability to scale, efficiently. There are many tasks and projects that a virtual assistant can help you to get done, but being organized should be the first item on your list. Get a virtual assistant today and get organized for business success.

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