5 Tips to Set Up Your Business Instagram for Success

Using Instagram to promote your business can be an overwhelming process if you aren’t aware of the key points that set you apart from others.

Although it’s important to have an aesthetically pleasing feed, utilizing the real estate in your bio is the most important part of your Instagram. This is because you have less than 10 seconds to capture the attention of your visitor and you want them to spend as much time as possible on your feed.

Here are 5 useful tips for setting up your business Instagram bio for success:

1. Handle

Your handle needs to be simple, memorable and an essential part of your brand. You should avoid using symbols, numbers and special characters, as this makes it difficult for people to find you.

2. Profile Photo

Depending on your business, your profile photo will be one of two things: Your logo or a photo of you. For both options, you want to make sure that it fits properly within Instagram’s circle grid. To do this make sure your photo is no larger than 200 x 200 pixels.


Your logo should be clean, clear and fit within the circle grid. The colours of your logo should be a part of your branding, which will be carried throughout the rest of your Instagram profile.

Self Portrait

An up-close face shot, preferably of you smiling is the best photo to use. If the visitors to your page can see your eyes, they are more likely to feel connected to you.

3. Help Statement

You only get one shot to tell the world what you do. Spend some time working on your statement and ensure it captures the following:

  • Who you help
  • How you help
  • Results they can expect


Here’s an example:

Helping new business owners optimize their IG accounts to ensure visitors stay longer than 10 seconds.

Keep in mind you only get 150 characters within the BIO to explain exactly what you do and convince your visitors to spend more time on your profile.

4. Link in Bio

With a business profile you get the option to add a link. You can use this link to direct your visitors to other places on the web such as your website, a landing page or your shop. You can change this link as many times as you like.

Here are two ways to optimize your link:

In your posts & stories

Make your call to action in your posts and in your stories to “Click the link in my bio” when promoting where the link goes.

In your bio

Make the final line in your bio a call to action to click the link.

For example, if you want your visitors to get your freebie you can say “Your Free Guide to IG Success”.

5. Highlight Covers

This is the quick navigation spot for all your visitors to get the answers they want right way. In order to draw their attention to your highlights you need great covers. You can create these on your own using free software such as Canva. Get creative here and make sure they are on point with your branding. You can use anything from icons to solid colours. Try not to put words in your highlight covers as your title for the highlight will appear below.

After your Instagram bio is optimized, you will want to spend some time creating a beautiful feed and filling up your highlights for your visitors to look through. Remember that the more on brand your bio, feed and stories are, the more likely you are to be remembered.

Leave us a comment if there are other tips you’d like to hear about for Instagram.

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