I Don’t Feel Like It… A Motivational Post

Ever wake up and think, “Today, I don’t feel like it!”

Sigh. My inner dialogue continues:

“What am I saying?! I’m a business owner, I can’t afford to do NOTHING!”

Then I do what I always do. I push through it.

Yes, sometimes it’s that simple. But then sometimes it’s not that simple at all. “Just pushing through it” will get you results. But “just pushing through it” can also lead to burn out. Which one will happen first? Is that really something worth finding out?

Below are 5 simple things to do to avoid burn-out and keep your business (and your sanity) running smoothly:

Walk Away
Yep, I said it. Just walk away. Not forever, just for a little while. Clear your head by taking a walk. Exercise has been proven to increase your productivity by increasing blood flow to your brain and giving you more energy.

Do Something Fun!
When you do something you love, it always changes your mood. And sometimes, without even looking for it, you are inspired in a way you would never have been with anything else.

Do Something You’ve Never Done Before
Have you always wanted to take a Segway tour or bungee jump, but you just never seem to have the time? Well, I’ve just given you permission, make the time! Just like doing something fun, doing something new opens you up to a brand new experience. And without even realizing it, you may have just let in a new passion. Maybe even one that can be used in your business.

Time for a random musical interlude. Oh the things you’ll find on the YouTubes:

Be Spontaneous
Spontaneity is harder for some people than it is for others. But it will definitely bring the same results. When you do something spontaneous, it’s almost always because you want to, not because it’s something you have to do. That’s what makes it fun (or nerve-wracking, depending on your personality). But regardless, you’ve stepped out of the norm, created something new, and through it, possibly even inspired someone else.

Hire Somebody!
“Is there someone else that can do it for me?” I’ve got an answer for that one too. Hire a v
irtual assistant. Why not? A virtual assistant can do all the things that keep you stuck on a day-to-day basis. Let’s face it, every entrepreneur comes to a point where they ‘just don’t feel like it’. We have the solution and can’t wait to work with you!

Infographic Courtesy: https://blog.hubspot.com


We all have those days when we’d rather just hide under the covers then get up and face the world. It’s normal to feel unmotivated sometimes. There are no instant fixes but using the tools listed above can shift your mindset and put some pep in your step.

What exercises or strategies do you use when you’re not feeling ready to take on the world? Share your ideas below.

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