5 Steps to Help you Delegate Tasks to your Virtual Assistant

Should you delegate tasks?

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEO’s have so much on their plate.

Running a business means wearing many hats.

You know the saying – heavy is the head that wears the crown?

Sometimes that means you’re doing bookkeeping on holidays or updating social media instead of going to the gym.

Being a business owner means there is never a shortage of work, but at Virtual Gurus we are here to tell you it can be different!

Unfortunately, administrative tasks take most entrepreneurs away from doing the work that they love.

A business coach makes money coaching, not invoicing; a chiropractor could increase revenue by seeing more patients in their day, but not in updating their social media.

These tasks are important to running your business but are they actually YOUR business?

Delegating tasks to a Virtual Assistant means that business owners can focus on increasing revenue by getting back to the work that makes them money.

One of the biggest hangups experienced by new and prospective Virtual Gurus clients is determining what tasks to delegate to a Virtual Assistant and how to communicate their needs.

Here are a few things to help you decide what tasks can be delegated to your Virtual Assistant:

1) Make a list of jobs that take time, but don’t make money.

Ask yourself if it is absolutely critical that you do certain tasks yourself, and seek tasks that recur regularly, like monthly expense reporting or weekly social media posts.

Add to this list anything that you don’t specialize in – this could be a task that takes you hours upon hours to complete, but could take a skilled professional much less time.

Also look for anything that you avoid doing or where you are always feeling behind and missing deadlines.

Give yourself a time limit to make this list.

Set your phone timer for no more than an hour and get brainstorming!

Once you have your list, prioritize it. Using a method that works for you determine what is high, medium and low priority.

This list will help the team at Virtual Gurus find the best Virtual Assistant for your needs.

2) Be willing to delegate tasks, let go and accept help.

Begin delegating a small tasks to your VA, working your way up to bigger and bigger tasks.

This creates methods of communication and a work rhythm between you and your Virtual Assistant, setting both of you up for success.

Once this workflow is established, you and your VA will create and find efficiencies – like a well oiled machine!

3) Create a small time block in your weekly calendar where you can ponder what needs to be done in the upcoming week (think: Monday morning over coffee, or Friday last thing).

One of our clients calls this her Boss List – a brain dump of all of the things that are taking up hard drive space in her brain.

From this list she can peel off tasks for her Virtual Assistant to do.

If her VA can support her on 3 out of 10 tasks that’s great, but her VA can also cheer her on as the other 7 things get crossed off the list.

How would it feel to have this level of accountability and support?

4) Decide how to delegate tasks and communicate with your VA.

Is your email inbox already full to the brim?

Maybe communicating via email will create more stress, rather than ease.

Once you’ve determined the best way to communicate, be specific in your needs and expectations.

Be prepared for a few questions as your VA is learning and aligning with your processes.

Embracing your Virtual Assistant as a valued member of your team builds trust and allows your VA to flourish.

5) Create regular opportunities to offer mutual feedback with a regularly scheduled call.

Consider this a way to point out places where things are going really well or where things could be better.

Your Virtual Assistant wants to be a partner for you and your business, working toward the same goal of seeing you succeed.

Taking this time helps create clear performance standards and could lead to learning about more ways your VA could help you.

Using a few simple delegation techniques will set you up for success with your Virtual Assistant.

At Virtual Gurus, we want to help you succeed, feeling less overwhelmed in the process.

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