5 Real Estate Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant During COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced many real estate agents and brokers to do their jobs remotely. This is truly an interesting and challenging concept for an industry where people require client interactions and visiting properties to perform their jobs. Even home showings are now being conducted through virtual tours, to mitigate any risk of spreading the virus. The industry has changed, even if it’s only temporarily, and real estate professionals need to do the same. At Virtual Gurus, we have virtual assistants who specialize in real estate administration. They bring years of industry expertise and understand how to support real estate professionals in an online environment. Here are 5 real estate tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Real Estate Administration

Managing administrative tasks can be challenging if you are working independently or in a small team. Doing it remotely can be considerably more challenging. Virtual real estate assistants are highly-equipped to manage the overwhelming day-to-day tasks that come with being a real estate professional. Calendar and email management, managing business and client lists, handling and producing routine paperwork, office supply management, distributing marketing materials, and preparing reports are just a few of the wide-range of tasks virtual assistants can provide assistance with.

Content Creation & Social Media Management

Producing and curating social media accounts that are effective and eye-catching can have a tremendous impact on your business. Creating original content and managing social media accounts is time-consuming and requires creative expertise. Virtual assistants can help to strategize, implement, and realize your real estate business’ digital and social marketing goals and grow your client base. 


Virtual assistants can research properties, property owners, public records, legal names, and provide reports on local and national real estate information. Most real estate information is readily available online and virtual assistants are experts in using the tools they have remotely to conduct their research.

Customer Service

Many virtual assistants have worked in client-facing roles in the past and understand the value of delivering high-quality, consistent customer service to ensure the success of a business. Virtual assistants are not only limited to tasks performed behind a computer screen, but can also be tasked with handling both inbound and outbound calls. Responding to client emails, handling inquiries, creating client satisfaction surveys, referral management, and preparing documents or materials needed for client retention are some of the customer service tasks that can be accomplished remotely.

Graphic Design

Whether it be editing listing photos using Photoshop or creating social media graphics with Canva, these are tasks that require a creative eye, attention to detail, and most importantly – time. Virtual assistants understand the importance of having a creative skill set under their belts to better serve their clients and can provide quick, efficient turnaround on graphic design projects. 

At Virtual Gurus we know the real estate industry. Our real estate assistants are experts in the field and skilled with administration, content creation and social media management, research, customer service, and graphic design. We are a completely remote team and are well-adapted to provide assistance and support to our clients online. For a comprehensive list on how the Virtual Gurus can help your real estate business click here. Contact us today to get matched with your perfect virtual real estate assistant.

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