3 Tips for Asking Your Employer To Work From Home Permanently

3 Tips for Asking Your Employer To Work From Home Permanently

The pandemic launched the ultimate work-from-home experiment for both employees and employers, alike. For those who have never had the opportunity to work from home before, this half-year experiment has provided a unique space to explore the possibility of remote working, to adopt new technologies to facilitate remote work, to create solutions for common issues that surface, and to develop efficient methods and procedures to streamline your daily work and operations.

Are you enjoying your work-from-home life but your employer has recently asked you to go back to the office or you know that you will have to in the future? For some lines of work, this may not be a realistic option. But, if your job can be completed from home and you can prove that this is the best situation for both you and your employer, then why not request a permanent work-from-home role? Here are 3 tips for asking your employer to work from home permanently:

Demonstrate Your Communication Skills

One of the biggest challenges working from home is maintaining effective communication within your team and among various stakeholders. Without daily face-to-face interactions, we are limited to digital tools to support and facilitate our communication. Our ability to use these digital tools effectively can have a great impact on how we actually communicate with one another. Demonstrate to your employer that you are a strong and concise communicator, who is approachable and accessible to your team, clients, and stakeholders.

Here are some simple tips to communicate effectively across remote teams.

Present Your Increased Productivity and Work Output

One of the primary reasons why employers are nervous for their teams to work from home is productivity and work output. There is no question that some of us lack the same level of discipline at home or require a structured office environment in order to be focused and productive. But, many of us also thrive while working from the comfort of our own homes. Keep a detailed log of your work output, your achievements, and your work turnover time, over an extended period to prove to your employer that you are in fact more productive from home.

Identify the Benefits to Your Employer for Performing Your Role From Home

Your employer might feel more inclined to allow you to work from home if there is an actual benefit to them. Whether it be saving on overhead costs, improving team happiness and employee retention, proven increased productivity, or shortening commute times for all – if the benefit is of value to your employer, they might consider your request more seriously.

The pandemic has created a unique opportunity for many of us to explore the remote work landscape. Employees who want to continue to work remotely permanently can use their time working from home now to build a foundation of trust and to instil confidence in their employer by proving their ability to perform their role productively and efficiently.

Have you been given an option to head back to the office or work from home permanently? If so, which one are you choosing? Let us know in the comments below.

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