askBetty Helps You Tackle Your To-Do List in Slack

Virtual Gurus is excited to announce that its askBetty Slack App is now live on the Slack App Directory to help you tackle your do-do list.

Transformation Thursday with Native Women Lead: Growing and Scaling a Multi-Million Dollar Venture in Tech

Native Women Lead recently hosted Virtual Gurus’ founder and CEO Bobbie Racette to kick off its 2021 Transformation Thursday Retreats.

Find Your Perfect Virtual Assistant Through the Virtual Gurus’ Talentplace

If you’re struggling to keep up with your daily business tasks, increasing customer demand, and fast-changing growth, look no further for specialized business support. Leverage Virtual Gurus’ talent Marketplace or as we like to think …

How to Prepare Your Business to Hire a Virtual Assistant

2021 is your perfect year to grow and expand your business. One way to grow your business is to hire a virtual assistant. While virtual assistants can help you manage time, you need to spend …