Virtual Assistants and Real Estate: The Possibilities are Endless!

Phones are ringing, emails are racking up, text messages are pinging away – life in the real estate industry is a hectic one. Whether you are a Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Agent, the calls …

Why Good Design Matters

Sure, you can get by with crappy design. But, it’s worth understanding the fundamentals of good design and also to invest in it as both a business owner and a virtual assistant. Good design matters …

The Virtual Gurus are Going Global

Hello, our name is… The Virtual Gurus You may have gotten to know us as over the past few years as the Canadian Virtual Gurus but we are growing and with that growth comes a …

Meet the Virtual Gurus

In the past, most virtual assistants were located overseas which works for some, but not all. Often the assistant doesn’t understand the local requirements of a Canadian or American-based company. There can also be frustrating …

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