Nutrition 101 for Remote Workers

When we think of working from home, we often put the basics first; a nice and tidy home office,  an organized calendar and then we get to work. But there is one thing that can …

Three Ways To Have A Successful Relationship With Your Virtual Assistant

By now we all know the endless benefits of a successful working relationship with a virtual assistant. The main advantages of course, being saving both time and money. For business owners who want to focus …

The #1 Misconception About Remote Work & Virtual Teams

Here at Virtual Gurus we have the opportunity to speak to, interact with and support hundreds of businesses across the country and across most industries. The range of support that we provide ranges from Executive …

Spring Cleaning Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Spring cleaning is back! Living in the northern hemisphere, we are blessed with obvious changes in season. The shift in season and energy is a great time to naturally cleanse our minds, bodies and spirits. …

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