Virtual Gurus is heading to the Silicon Valley… again!

It’s official; Virtual Gurus founder Bobbie Racette is representing the company for its Cohort for the Inaugural Women in Tech Silicon Valley Program this week.

First Impressions: 4 Pillars for Remote Workers in Online Meetings with Clients

They say first impressions last forever and when you’re a virtual assistant or remote worker, that sentiment is magnified. When it comes to remote work, it’s not just language that matters; it’s body language, the …

How to Help Your Client Grow Their Business

This is going to be an a-typical blog post, at least when it comes to helping your clients grow their businesses. (Business owners, listen up too! This isn’t just for the Remote Workers.) It’s a-typical …

Sound is Half the Picture: How to Capture High-Quality Audio when Creating Video

“Sound is half the picture” – Steven Spielberg It didn’t happen over night but videos are the money-makers these days and they are taking over a huge chunk of the content found on the internet. …

Virtual Work can be Lonely, but you don’t have to be

Working virtually (for yourself, or for someone else) has a long list of advantages, including a reduced commute time, savings on eating out, less stress from office politics, and the ability to work in your …

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