Productivity – Tips From Our Virtual Gurus To Stay On Track!

Right now, in a home office or cubicle somewhere on the planet, there’s a person planning their work day. They are making a list, using a calendar, sorting through apps or setting a timer. The …

How to caption your live videos

Captioning Your Videos Have you ever flipped thru your Facebook news feed at work? Of course you haven’t! But maybe you’ve been someplace public, and you were bored. So, what is the first thing we …

Dear Diary: A Guide To Free Online Journaling Tools

There’s a reason why those tiny diaries they sell at bookstores have a lock and key. The same reason that torn, taped, spiral notebook you keep hidden is worth its weight in gold. Secrets. Dreams. …

Latest Internet Slang, 2017. Here’s what’s sus and what’s snatched.

English, the great meow mix of languages, is never short on slang. This point is amplified on the Internet, where words are truncated and refashioned and redefined into lots of new terms. Quick – use …

Why Your Business Needs A Social (Media) Life

Are you on Facebook? If you are a solopreneur and you’re asked that question, it’s time to get a page up and running. Social media is that catch all term for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and …

A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant

  I love being a Virtual Assistant. When I tell people what I do for a living, the response is usually the same. First they say “oh that’s cool,” followed inevitably by “…but what exactly …


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