Virtual Assistant Spotlight – Chantal Bertrand

At Canadian Virtual Gurus, our greatest resource is our team of highly skilled virtual assistants! This month we shine the spotlight on virtual assistant Chantal Bertrand. Chantal originally hails from Ottawa, Ontario and has extensive …

Join The Virtual Gurus Bootcamp 2.0

Why Virtual Gurus Bootcamp 2.0 Are you interested in working for the virtual gurus, but not sure you have the skills? Are you looking to brush up on your current skills in social media, marketing or …

Super Cool Cell Phone Hacks

For most of us, cell phones are our life line to just about everything, whether it be personal or work related. Virtual workers rely on cell phones for staying connected to clients and managing their …

The Other Distractions – Staying Focused In Your Home Office

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen the hilarious viral video of this very, very serious professor being ambushed by his children during a BBC interview. For …

The Best Music For Work? Try These Playlists!

For virtual assistants working from home, the unique challenges often pale in comparison to the benefits. Nothing like having your own personal bathroom, for example, and never having to walk in heels again! Another perk …

How To Write A Better Facebook Ad

If you handle social media for clients, at one time or another you may have to work on advertising campaigns. Many businesses use Facebook for advertising. This is a good idea, if simply for the …


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