10 Holiday Gift Ideas (that don’t totally suck)

It’s that time again, people!

The holidays are upon us and while many of us embrace things like family time, Christmas carols, and spiked eggnog, shopping is not always easy or fun.

Booze and gift cards are always great options, but it’s the holidays, so why not try something different? Here’s a list of gifts under $40.00 that work for friends, family and coworkers.

1. Adopt A Snowy Owl

Do something good for the animal kingdom and impress your eco-conscious friend with this gift certificate to preserve an endangered animal. The gift recipient will receive a certificate of symbolic adoption, plus a poster featuring the blonde bombshell of the owl species. If owls weird you out, the website features other animals that need friends, too.



2. Space Shuttle Snowglobe

NASA already deserves major props for their superbly clever “I  need my space” bumper stickers, and their online store is full of other fun space novelties, like this snow globe.  Shake this galactic paperweight a few times and you are ready to blast off, surrounded by a torrent of red, white and blue stars. This will keep your space-obsessed friend’s dreams real until we all get to that colony on Mars.

3. Snakeskin S’mores

Well, this happened. The messy, gooey camping snacking ritual is finally out of the woods. These delightful squares come packaged in a dainty box and feature a snakeskin design. It’s the perfect gift for the urban dweller in your life whose idea of camping is parking a Winnebago in the woods.



4. Agate Mini Bookends

The mini bookends are great for stacking business cards, journals and other small items. They also work as paperweights, or put them in the sun and watch them reflect the light. The Agate stone also has “new agey” properties (removes negativity and tension from the environment), so gift these to the freaked out co-worker in your life.


5. Paw Print Dashboard Caddy

Scroll through Instagram this time of year and you’ll see endless photos of puzzled looking dogs and cats wearing reindeer antlers and Santa sweaters.  People not only love their pets, they go bonkers for pet accessories, also. For the dog fanatic in your life, this paw print caddy is a neat way to keep cellphones, sunglasses or change firmly planted on the dashboard.


6. Pride and Prejudice Fingerless Writing Gloves

We all know that special someone in endless pursuit of their creative passions, yearning for inspiration. For the aspiring writer in your life, these writing gloves are just the thing to get the words flowing. Lightweight and stylish, these gloves features text passages from Jane Austen’s masterpiece printed right on the fabric.




7. Left Handed Spiral Notebook

They comprise 10 -12% of the population, but get this: – left handed college graduates go on to become 26% richer than right handed graduates. Support your favorite lefty on their path to success with this spiral notebook. Bound on the right hand side, it features the term “left-handed” printed in 33 different languages.



Remember your best friend in high school who made you that amazing mixed tape? This hand made graphic t shirt is a sweet reminder of  that token of friendship, fashioned out of a cassette and a jam box. One of the few old school rituals that iPods can’t replace.






9. Magical Growing Christmas TreeMagical Growing Christmas Tree

Offices all over the world have started Secret Santa gift exchanges, and just because people continue to show their bad taste (stale cookies, used bath gel), you don’t have to. You don’t have to really try that hard, either. This Yuletide version of a Chia pet is inexpensive, slightly amusing and it gives a random coworker an excuse to goof off at their desk.


Hot Fudge CoffeeHot Fudge Coffee

When all else fails, go with coffee. And not just coffee, coffee infused with the flavor of the most decadent, delicious member of the chocolate family, fudge. This delectable brew concoction will make the heart of the most miserable coworker melt.


Hello virtual assistants! What gifts do you plan on giving this holiday season? Share your thoughts and comments with us below! Also, click here if you are interested in learning more about virtual assistant work.

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